Artificial Intelligence (AI) can fundamentally transform the way Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects are delivered.

Providing speed, scale and efficiency for our customers through the tangible use of AI, it can improve delivery efficiency and cost performance surpassing current iterations and human performance.

Artificially-intelligent and cognitive systems are ones that can learn on their own. It moves away from software platforms that merely gather data to powerful assistants that understand, sense and reason. This is referred to as unsupervised learning. It can perhaps best be described as ‘the computer’s ability for investigating and solving problems, as if performed by humans and creating intelligent outcomes.'



Design knowledge management

Safety solutions

Plant optimisation and control

Construction management

Develops employees’ skills and competency levels

A great example of its use is demonstrated in a report by McKinsey & Company.* McKinsey found that AI-enhanced predictive maintenance of industrial equipment generates a 10 per cent reduction in annual maintenance costs, up to 20 per cent downtime reduction and 25 per cent reduction in inspection costs.

The ability of neural networks such as IBM Watson and DeepMind for Google to bring value and develop insightful outcomes without relying on pre-defined behavioural algorithms is exciting. Many AI solutions improve upon previous versions to bring high levels of efficiency and value, allowing companies to optimise their existing assets and people. This is of great importance when training the next generation of project managers.

The technology is already being used in the energy/utilities sector for things like advanced asset management, knowledge management/field technical advice, maintenance and consumption (water/leakage etc), virtual agent and agent assist services, predictive project health and risk management.

* Source: Smartening up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - What’s in it for Germany and its Industrial Sector? (52 pp., PDF, no opt-in) McKinsey & Company


Responding quickly and with accuracy to storms, outages, and unexpected grid disruptions

Managing assets and health risk: both technical and infrastructural

Extending the life of expertise before it walks out the door

Helping maintenance technicians in the field

Using visual recognition for detecting consumption and maintenance requirement

Aurora AI Business Solutions creates and implements the right strategy for AI in your business and uses its advanced analytics services to maximise data. The solutions we provide can either be models built from scratch, or we can utilise our partner APIs and pre-trained business solutions. Either way, they provide speed, scale and efficiency for our customers through the tangible use of AI – the IP of which often remains with the customer.


Reduces overall project cost
Retains knowledge and addresses generation challenge
Improved contractual compliance
Avoids cost overruns
Increases compliance to schedule
Improves project quality
Improves project safety/regulatory compliance
Reduces risks
Provides a consistent, unique and personal way of engaging
Delivers excellent customer service


Our unique practical cognitive offering delivers technology-powered business solutions. Allow Aurora to help you maximise your data insights and decision-making through bespoke industry-specific skills and processes.

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