Aurora Intuitive Safety serves its customers by improving safety performance and cost savings. It’s an easy to use cloud-based application that provides textbook assessment and cost-effective review to safe systems of work, risk assessments and method statements (RAMS). It’ll provide improved safety performance and culture, cost savings, operative skill, schedule performance, communication and knowledge sharing.

There’s a tangible cost saving on the review process using Aurora Intuitive Safety.

Throughout the construction industry safety performance levels are being redefined. The product brings together our safety intelligence and consultancy service with IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities.

Moving away from the reliance on existing resources of time, skill and competence levels we want to revolutionise the safety approach industry-wide to insightful, accurate and timely method statement review and development. It reviews, improves and approves method statements to the required standard enabling far greater intuitive safety cultures and a reduction of accidents and incidents


Consistent quality and approach every time
Provides a robust audit trail
Completed instantly, offering time savings
Frees up construction and staff
Improved co-ordination and tracking of documents and review periods
Cost saving
Increases competency levels
Supports employee development
Improves content of RAMS
Improved safety performance
Improved thorough review cycles
Develops employees’ skills and competency levels


Our unique practical cognitive offering delivers technology-powered business solutions. Allow Aurora to help you maximise your data insights and decision-making through bespoke industry-specific skills and processes.

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